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              doggy day care, dog boarding, dog walking, pet taxi services, house sitting, home visits and more...

 07 FAMILY Doggie day care, dog boarding (no kennels), dog walking, pe     t taxi, house sitting and home visits for all pets

Doggie day care, dog boarding (no kennels), dog walking, pet taxi, house sitting and home visits for all pets.

Pet Services and Prices

House Sitting

This service is a alternative for dog boarding in our homes, so is perfect for dogs who do not mix well with groups of dogs, if you have a multiple dog household or have other pets as well as dogs. We can also care for cats, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, birds, fish and reptiles.

Day care ( up to 2 dogs) 


24 hours (up to 2 dogs) 


Fees for additional pets to be discussed at meet and greet.

Additonal charge for Bank Holiday



Home Visits

Available for; dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, reptiles, fish or other pets you may have.

These slots can include (depending on your pets requirements):


Giving medication

Cleaning out (tanks, hutches, litter trays, cages)


Play time / socialisation / cuddles

£10 per hour

Out of hours EMERGENCY call outs:

£15 per 60 minutes. (plus 40p per mile if more than 7 miles away)

If you are taken ill or need urgent assi,stance, we can help you. We offer a FREE key holding service. You will only need to pay if we are called out.

Additional charge for Bank Holiday

Pet Taxi

If you are unable to take your pet to the vets or groomers (or somewhere else), we can do this for you. We will collect your pet and drop them home to you. For vet visits, if you are unable to travel with your pet, we will stay with them and give you a full report on their return. If any decisions need to be made during the visits, you will always be contacted whilst we are with th
e vet, so that you have full control of your pet's health care.

£20 per round trip
plus an additional 40p per mile over 7 miles.
Additional charge for Bank Holiday



Solo and group walks all in a variety of settings. The walks last the allocated time, once we've arrived at our destination NOT from pick up time.

30 mins

1 dog - £6

2 dogs £9

60 mins

1 dog - £12

2 dogs - £18

Additional dogs charged at £6 

a dog

Additional charge for Bank Holiday



Day care for whilst you are at work or play. All dogs will enjoy two walks, lots of interaction and play with their carer and other dogs and lots of cuddles!!

1 dog - £20

2 dogs - £30

Additional charge for Bank Holiday



A home from home service where your dogs are treated as family pets. They have free run of the house and garden and can do at our house what they would do at home including sleeping on the bed!! 

They are walked 2-3 times a day and come with us wherever we go. If that's not possible another member of our team will come and sit with them.. 

1 dog - £25 per 24 hours

2 dogs - £40 per 24 hours

Additional charge for Bank Holiday



Based in Ramsgate our resident groomer, Sue, will take care of all your grooming needs and leave your pets feeling clean, refreshed and smelling lovely.

Collection and drop off also available at £5 within a 7 mile radius of CT11.

Nail Clipping from £6.00

Baths from £22.00

Full Grooms from £27.00

10% discount for assistance and therapy dogs.

Registered Muttley Crew Family clients also get a 10% discount.

Pet Photography

Have beautiful pictures of your pets taken by our fabulous in house photographer Kirsty.  

These can be taken with or without owner, with extended family, inside or outside your home. We can also attend events that your dog is part of. Please call Kirsty to discuss what you need on: 07826 708904.

Prices start at £20 including prints.

Free Meet and Greet Sessions and Settle Sessions

In order to ensure you and your dogs are completely happy with our facilities and the care that we offer, we do FREE meet and greet sessions and settle sessions both during the day and overnight.

We have a registration pack for you to complete, which includes consent forms and off lead disclaimers. All dogs MUST be fully vaccinated including kennel cough. 

We also have regular Muttley meet ups at various locations so that you and your dog can meet us informally and get to socialise with other dogs.

All dogs must be sociable. We operate a NO AGGRESSION policy. Should your dog become aggressive at any time throughout their stay with us, you or your emergency contact, will be informed and you will be asked to collect them. The contract will then be terminated.